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May 10

Lamb Update

Our lamb crop has not increased yet (still two ewes to go) but our babies are growing up before our eyes.

The big news is that our tiny preemie Daphne is nursing on her own!

She has come a very, very long way from barely being able to stand on her own and nurse from a bottle.  Now that she is understanding where her food is really coming from we are staying away more so that she bonds better with her real mommy.  She still baas and comes running when she sees me.

My nickname for Daphne is “Fuzzbutt”.  I love my little Fuzzbutt and she likes to be snuggled.  Who couldn’t love that?!?  She is just such a tiny little thing and loves to follow me around the pen.

Kate loves to get in the pen with the babies.  Look how big half-sister Elizabeth (“Lizzie”) is compared to Daphne!  Lizzie is only 2 days older than Daphne.  Lizzie is very vigorous for her age and thinks she is very grown up already.

Of course all of the lambs (there are 10 so far) are growing fast.  It’s been very hot this week so they spend a lot of time napping. Sometimes they are mostly in a big pile and other times they are spread out with their siblings.

The lambs are also practicing to be big sheep already.  Here is firstborn Natalie pretending to eat hay with momma Nell.  Nell’s girls are just enormous!

…and now it’s time for us to go out and feed little Lizzie her bedtime meal (mommy Jacklyn is still only somewhat cooperative).  Have a great weekend!

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