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May 7


Yes, indeed - the lambs are here.  I apologize for the “radio silence” but it has been an extremely busy time - a lot of work and constant care right now.  I have been perpetually covered in every possible sheep bodily fluid (and not so fluid) off and on - we are doing huge amounts of laundry these days.  It’s such a glamorous life we lead!

But…here are some of the photos you’ve been waiting for!

First, there was Nell - our Wensleydale ewe.  We were really worried about Nell as she is an older ewe and very over-conditioned (sheep talk for fat).  She had a bout of pregnancy toxemia at one point and we weren’t sure if her babies were going to make it.  But here they are as newborns - Nicole (in multi) and Natalie (in red) - two huge, healthy baby girls.

Kate, our young livestock guardian dog, was totally fascinated by the babies.  Here she is getting some nose time with Natalie.

Next, Tara, our youngest Corriedale ewe, had her twins.  She is a first-time mommy and was very nervous.  But she is a good Mom and Leia and Luke are doing very well as you can see.

Next, our Romney ewe Jocie, another first time mommy, had her two boys.  Joe and Jake are adorable little boys - as you can see they are very black!  I was relieved to see some colored lambs at last.  I was beginning to worry that all we would have was white lambs.  The polled Rambouillet ram was white…mommies are colored. 

Then, in the last few days we had a major lamb explosion!  First there was Jacklyn, one of the Romney first-timers.  I had checked during the night like usual but when I went out at 4am, I heard crying!  I found baby Lizzie trapped in a corner of the corral, still wet, dirty and crying at the top of her lungs.  I found Jacklyn elsewhere but she was scared and didn’t want anything to do with Lizzie.  Thankfully Lizzie is an only child and is a very, very, determined little girl!  We work with Jacklyln to feed Lizzie and Lizzie may yet convince her mommy to adopt her again.  Every day is a bit more improvement.  Meanwhile, she thinks Scott is her daddy and follows him around.

Then, the next day Eiryn, the other Corriedale mommy, delivered her first set of twins.  As you can see they are particularly cute - their big white patches on their heads are almost like little Mohawks!  Eiryn is a very good mommy and her twins are already huge. Penelope is shown above with her Mom and below is Pete.

Then yesterday morning our tiny Daphne was born.  Her mom, Delilah, is another first-time Romney mommy (the last of the first time mothers, thank Goodness!).  Delilah had some complications so she delivered Daphne early.  She was barely alive - I had to swing her around to get her airway clear and get her breathing again. She would barely swallow.  But 24 hours later she is getting stronger all the time and now can even stagger around a little bit on her own.  She still is not quite strong enough to nurse (and her mommy isn’t feeling completely well yet) so she is getting bottle fed around the clock.  So now she thinks I am her mommy and while I was kneeling down milking her real Mom she crawled onto the backs of my legs and went to sleep. 

Two more ewes to go…both have had lambs before so we are hoping for an easier time with them.  Scott and I are very tired but glad that so far everyone has survived and is growing.  Hoping for the best!

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