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Mar 16

It’s only fabric.

Layers of silk doupioni garment pieces waiting for interfacing.

Working hard on something special for Pfaff convention in a few weeks.  I forgot how much pattern drafting makes my brain hurt!  Even though I am “cheating” by using a vaguely similar looking (to my inspiration/vision) commercial pattern, there is still much alteration to be done to make creativity a reality.  I’m really rusty but the skills are there and slowly making their way back to the surface.

I keep reminding myself:
1) It’s only fabric I’m risking.  Not world peace or something similarly important.  Just fabric.  In this case, silk.  Silk is caterpillar “spit”.  No biggie.  Just fabric.
2) There is no innovation without experimentation.  And no experimentation without the occasional detour/failure/creative solution needed.
3) The whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts.  Working to keep the big picture - how all the elements will come together - in mind so I don’t lose sight of the overall vision.  This will be a runway garment so I want it to flirt with being a little “over the top” but I don’t want it to continue on over the top downhill into overkill-land.

…and, of course I am practicing.  That’s the practice garment (think muslin; I prefer to make my muslin from identical or at least very similar fabric) stacked on the mannequin.  Hopefully my pattern alterations are accurate and it will all come together beautifully!